Thursday, April 26, 2018

How to Deal With a Slipped Disc

You may have heard about the slipped disc but the matter of fact is that discs do not slip. They bulge. And this is where chiropractor comes in for your help.

A bulging disc
The bulging of a disc is a phenomenon which seems like hair gel coming out of the tube when you squeeze it. In case of the disc, it protrudes into the spinal canal without causing any pain. The small bubble pops out of the area but it is still attached to the disc.

The discs of your spine are quite appropriately fitted between the vertebrae. Hence, the bulging of a disc makes it occupy more space than it is supposed to. This bulging can result in the push to the nerves located in the spinal column.

Bulging of the disc is pretty normal as we age; thus, it is pretty common in the people. In most of the cases, people do not even come to know about the bulging of the disc unless they move in a specific position, lift something heavy, or even cough. Nevertheless, this problem is not less serious because it can cause extreme pain, restricted movement, and even failure of organs in extreme measures.

Good news for the patients is that a bulging disc can be treated. You are going to need chiropractic help in this regard.

Getting rid of the pain by bulging disc and getting it treated at the same time requires you to follow three main steps mentioned below.

Make sure your posture is good
Working on elimination of a few risk factors such as bending, twisting and sitting for too long can help you get relief from bulging disc. Furthermore, you can try sleeping on your back while making sure that your legs are propped up. You can also place a pillow under the knees in order to keep the legs remain in recommended position.

Try to gain some strength
One thing worth mentioning here is that your discs are supported by the muscles of your abdomen and those in the legs. Therefore, any exercise which wouldn’t put pressure on your bulging disc but could help you in gaining muscular strength in abdomen and legs can help you heal fast.

Visit the chiropractor
Along with performing the above mentioned actions, you need to make sure that you visit the chiropractor in order to get relief by professional help. There is always the risk factor involved in the actions you do by yourself. With the help of chiropractor, you can make sure that you on on the right way towards healing.

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